Powell Law Firm Featured on News 4 San Antonio

News 4 WOAI Investigative reporter, April Molina, recently highlighted one of our cases in her story about the inadequacy of many safety bollards and the research being done to ensure that all safety bollards will, in fact, protect the pedestrians that rely on them.

Storefront and parking lot accidents involving pedestrians are predictable.  When pedestrians are walking through a parking lot where vehicles are being driven and parked, they are at risk.  This mix of vehicle traffic and congested pedestrian traffic makes the storefront a dangerous area for store employees and customers.  As a result, prudent retailers often provide storefront protection for their buildings. Such protection is provided by installing concrete bollards that are designed to provide a safe and secure environment by excluding vehicle traffic from reaching past the bollards.

“In San Antonio right now we don’t have that safety measure at all and so you don’t know; you might be safe behind bollards, or you might not,” Attorney Jon Powell said.

In September of 2013, our client was standing behind concrete bollards at the exit of a Sam’s Club in South San Antonio waiting for his wife to complete her transaction at the cash register. While he waited, another Sam’s Club customer drove through the concrete bollards and collided with our client causing him to incur serious injuries and an untimely wrongful death.

Sadly, this never would have happened if the pillar had been a safety bollard, because it would have stopped the truck. “What that means is they weren’t constructed so that they would withstand impact from a car or truck,” Powell said. “They weren’t attached with steel rods.”

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